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"We are talking about the same Sam Willson, right?"<BR>
"Oh, I know what you mean, Silas. Sam's always had strong opinions and makes sure everyone knows them, but once he gets it out of his system he really doesn't care how others live, as long as they don't bother him."<BR>
"I suppose you could look at it that way but when it came to me he never seemed to femjoy 'get it out of his system' as you put it."<BR>
"That's because you matter more to him than anyone else. He's always wanted the best for you."<BR>
I couldn'

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If you are under age, or femjoy lesbians live in an area where reading stories that include sex between males is illegal, or if you're not into this type of story, please leave. emjoi This is a fictional story and all characters and events are a figment of the author's imagination. My thanks to Tim and Drew for all of their help. The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent. Comments are appreciated at

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Declan's kiss didn't femjoy hairy leave me stunned for long. A few seconds after he left the barn mila azul femjoy reddit pics I ran after him, calling to him across femjoy free the road.

"Whoa! femandjoy Stop right femjoy porn there! You can't just femjoy galleries do that and walk away. You've got some 'splainin' femjoy pussy to do."

Declan stopped and waited for me, grinning all the time.

"I guess I carisha femjoy do owe you an explanation. I'll tell you everything while you fix supper."

"While we fix supper, you mean. You're gonna femjoy hunter help me."

"Okay, but I'd better warn you, I'm not very good in the kitchen."

"As long as you tell me what that emoi kiss was all about I don't care about your culinary skills."

I checked on Dad when we got into the house. The man mila azul femjoy reddit pics who didn't need a nap was dozing in his chair, his chest rising and falling rhythmically. The femjoy video dogs had obviously carisha femjoy been sleeping emjoi together free femjoy galleries on femjoy models the couch but their heads femjoy hunter raised up upon old femjoy hearing the front door. They jumped down and followed us into the kitchen.

"We're going to have stir-fry so all you have to do is chop veggies. Think you can handle that?"

"As long as I don't chop off a finger I should be okay."

I got some vegetables I'd picked from the garden that morning out of the refrigerator, quickly rinsed them off in the sink and put them in front free femjoy galleries of Declan, along with a cutting board and a sharp knife. I put a pot of water on the stove for the rice and took out some boned chicken breast and started slicing that on another cutting board. femjoy models

"Okay, get to work. And talk!"

"There really isn't that much to explain. femjoy video I'm bisexual, that's all."

"That's femjoy pussy all? When were you planning on telling me this? I femjoy com came out to you that first dinner carisha femjoy we had together."

"That's why I didn't tell you about me. We were just forming a friendship and I didn't want to complicate things with sexual tension."

"You just automatically assumed I was attracted to you? femjoy carisha No problem with your ego, is there?"

The fact that femjoy girls I'd been turned femjoy porn on by him since the first day I'd seen him in middle school didn't stop me from accusing him of having a big ego. I was over my shock and was starting to get a little pissed that he'd held out on me. I was pleased to see that the old femjoy usually confident jock was a bit out of femandjoy sorts.

"I didn't mean that, Silas. What I femjoy porno meant was, well, I've always been attracted to you and I was afraid that if I told vimeo femjoy you I was bi you'd think I was saying it because I wanted us to have sex. I femjoy hairy didn't want you to feel obligated to have sex with me even if you didn't want to."

I couldn't imagine not wanting to have sex with Declan but I wasn't going to let him off the hook that easily.

"Just because two guys are gay, or one gay and one bi, doesn't mean they have to femjoy com sleep together."

"I know that. But we were just starting to get to know each other and, like I said, I didn't want any possible sexual tension to get in the femjoy hairy way. I enjoyed spending time with you and I wanted to get to know you in more than a sexual way."

The idea of having sex with Declan was starting to get me aroused and before it became too evident I wanted to get the femjoy conversation away from the whole idea of him and me together.

"So, you say you're bi. Are you out at all? The only stories I've heard about you femjoy picture of the day have been strictly hetero."

"I know I've got a reputation. Some of that's my own doing. In high school I was afraid people would find out about me so while I didn't exactly flaunt my old femjoy straight sexual activity I didn't try to hide it either. But I wasn't totally in the closet. I was doing one of the guys on the soccer team and femjoy hairy one of the wrestlers as well."

"You're kidding! Guys in our class were doing it with other guys? Who?"

"I'm not femjoy pics outing anybody. One of them has been married for years now and the other doesn't live around here anymore. It doesn't femjoy really matter who they are."

"And what have you been up to since school? Again, alisa i femjoy I've only heard about women."

"Well, it's easier to meet women, especially out here in the country, so there have been a lot more of them. And ashley femjoy all of my relationships have been with women, though I've vimeo femjoy had one night stands with both men and women. I go into the city now and then femjoy nude and there's a gay resort in the Poconos I go to mila azul femjoy reddit pics emjoi occasionally."

"But you were gonna get married."

"Yeah, I thought I was in love with Kara. But I made the mistake of telling her about being bi. She seemed to handle it okay at first but after a while she broke it off. Said she didn't want a buttfucker as the father of her children."

"She actually said that?"

"Yeah, she did although she wasn't seriously femjoy nude nasty about it. At least she didn't say femjoy nudes fudge packer." He grinned. "God knows what she would femjoy porno have said if I'd told her that when I femjoy lia was with guys I preferred being a bottom."

And that was femjoy videos the end of femjoy lia trying not to get aroused. Just the thought of that hot little ass being fucked made me femjoy galleries hard instantly. I turned to the stove to hide the bulge that popped up in my jeans but not before Declan noticed.

"Looks like it wasn't just my emoi ego that made me think there might be femjoy hunter sexual tension between us."

Just then we heard the thump of Dad's cane in the hall. Seconds later he came shuffling into the room and sat down at the table, effectively ending the conversation Declan and I had been having. He looked at the food we'd been chopping.

"More rabbit food. Didn't you learn to cook a steak somewhere in all of your courses?"

"You know I can broil a lean steak. I've made more than a few of them for us. As much as you complain I haven't noticed you leaving any food I've prepared on your plate."

"I didn't femjoy pics say it wasn't good, just not always what I'm femjoy free in femjoy nudes femjoy video the mood for."

"And all of those frozen dinners you ate for years were what you were in the mood for?"

"No, but they femjoy hunter were easy."

"And this is easy, too, for you at least. All you have to do is sit and eat, so stop complaining."

Over a meal femjoy free which I noticed Dad had no problem downing he asked me when I was going to move my things from my apartment.

"I've been holding femjoy angels off on making arrangements femjoyhunter with movers until I get the small stuff out. I was thinking of going to the city Sunday to pack up my personal things and bring as much back with me as I could. I'll call Uncle Frank tomorrow to see if he and Mary can come over and spend some time with you."

"I don't have to be watched every minute, you know. When you're in the garden or working in the fields I'm alone in the house for a couple of hours at a stretch."

"Yeah, but you've got my cell phone on speed dial and I'm femjoy nude never more than a few hundred yards away in case of an emergency."

"I've also got this panic button hanging around my neck so I can call 911 and femjoy sex get help if I femjoy galleries have to. But as long as I ashley femjoy don't exert myself or get all riled up I shouldn't need to. The ashley femjoy worst physical reaction I've had lately is dozing off in the middle of some boring TV program."

"I realize you don't need a femjoy pussy babysitter every minute of the day but I'm not going into the city for several hours and leaving you alone. I'll call Uncle Frank."

"I could give you a hand Sunday if you'd like, Silas."

"I couldn't ask you to femjoy angels stay with this ornery old mule all day, Declan."

"I meant go with you to the city. If you're going to load up the truck an extra pair of hands will cut the work and time in half."

"That sounds like a great idea. I was going to call Livy but her job would be to watch the truck while I was bringing stuff down, not helping with the loading itself."

"With three of us we can get it done in no time."

I was hoping to get a chance to femjoy girls finish the conversation with Declan once Dad went femjoy sex to free femjoy galleries bed but his nap must have completely refreshed him. Lately he'd been turning in by nine but he was still up at ten when Declan got up to leave. I walked free femjoy galleries him and the dogs out to the Jeep.

"I'd like to continue our earlier femjoy com conversation when we go into the city Sunday."

"So would I, Silas. I think we femjoy picture of the day have a lot more to talk about."

"If you give me directions I can pick you up at your place since it's on the way."

"No," he said rather abruptly. "That's okay, I'll drive over fem joy here. If you pick me up and drop me off you'll be stuck unloading the truck alone when you get back here."

"That doesn't matter. Once I'm home it doesn't make any difference how femjoy sex long it takes to get all the stuff vimeo femjoy inside."

"Even so, I might as femjoy hairy well finish the job with you. I'll meet you here."

I was surprised that Dad was still up when I went back into the house a few minutes later.

"So, you're trying to turn that all-American boy queer like you, huh?"

"You were listening to us?"

"How could I not? You made enough racket to wake the dead when you came into the house and then you weren't exactly whispering in the kitchen."

"I thought old folks were supposed to lose their hearing," I grumbled. femjoy picture of the day "Well, if you were listening to what he said you'd know Declan is bisexual, femjoy lesbians not gay. And definitely not queer."

"There's femjoy pics a difference?"

I sighed and shook my head.

"Bisexual means he's attracted to both men and women."

"You mean he likes girls but you're trying to seduce him into femjoy pussy trying it with you?"

"I thought you were listening to our femjoy nudes conversation. How could you hear something completely different from what I heard?"

"Well, I only caught bits and pieces. I heard something about sexual tension and him wanting to get to know you in more than a sexual way so that sounded to me like you've been working on him and emjoi he's been resisting."

"You're right that you only heard femjoy pics a little bit of the conversation. I wouldn't have outed him if I'd known how little you'd heard."

Since the cat was already out of the bag I told Dad about the rest of emoi the conversation, at least most of it. I tried to explain the whole thing about sexual tension. I didn't mention Declan's experience with the jocks in school but made it clear he'd been with some guys over the years. I didn't want Dad thinking I was trying to seduce a virgin.

"So you two are femjoy models going to be dating femjoy now?"

"I don't know. We didn't have a chance to get that far in our conversation because a cranky old man interrupted us. I'm hoping to talk to him more on Sunday when you're not around. We've been working on a pretty good friendship so far but now that I know he's attracted to me maybe something more will develop."

Dad was quiet for a few minutes, digesting all I'd told him. Then he got up and headed toward his room. He stopped after a few feet and turned back to me.

"You could do a lot worse, you know."

Declan got to the farm just before eight Sunday morning as planned. I didn't waste any time on small talk once we were on the road.

"So, where were we in our conversation when Dad interrupted us?"

"Hmm, I know you were boning up femjoyhunter but I don't remember exactly why. I'm sure it had something to do with me though."

"Ah yes, there's that ego again. I remember what brought about that reaction but I think I'll keep it to myself for femjoy nude now."

"Whatever, I'd admitted that I found you attractive and femjoy models your dick confirmed the feeling was mutual. So where do we go from here, Silas?"

"You're asking me? I've got lots more same-sex experience than you but not much of a track record on relationships. You femjoy hunter have more experience in that respect, femjoy lesbians although it's all straight."

"So are you saying you want a relationship and don't know femjoy lia how to go about it, or you don't want a relationship?"

"The first. I like you femjoy videos a lot and yes, I'm attracted to you so I'd really like to see where this goes. I've been thinking about this a lot since the other night but I keep coming back to the same question. Are you interested in trying a same-sex relationship?"

"Since running into you this spring femjoy com I've thought about the possibility of a gay relationship. I'll admit that I'd never given it serious thought before. I mean, it's just so much easier all around to pursue a straight relationship. They're easier to find and it's what everyone expects."

"So I'm thinking you're not out to your friends and family."

"Yeah, except for my little sister Katie. She dropped by the house one morning after a guy had spent the night."

"And how did she take it?"

"Pretty good, actually. She finds it amusing that her studly big brother also likes dick. She's kept it our secret."

"I should warn you, Dad overheard part of our femjoy free conversation the other night so I had to explain what it was all about."

Declan frowned.

"Do you think maybe he'd keep it to himself femjoy porn for a while?"

"Probably, if you femjoy susann asked him to. He likes you a lot so femjoy carisha he'd be more willing to do you a favor than me."

"I'll talk to femjoy girls him although I think you underestimate his feelings femjoy picture of the day for you."

"Maybe." I wanted to get off the subject of Dad and back to me and Declan. "If femjoy free you were to pursue a relationship with a guy alisa i femjoy - any guy, not just me - you'd eventually have to come out to your femjoy sex family. How do you think they'd deal with it? How would you deal with it?"

"I think they'd be okay with it. We're Catholic and my parents are pretty femjoy videos conservative femjoy porno politically, but we're femjoy susann also a close, loving family. Given my reputation, which they're fully aware of, it would be a pretty big femjoy hairy shock, but the biggest problem would probably be resentment that I'd kept my secret from them for so long."

"I'm not saying that coming out would be a prerequisite to having a relationship with me but it would probably be a result. I've been out for years and femjoy nudes I'm not used to hiding mila azul femjoy reddit pics femjoy girls who I am. femjoy sex And this area is the kind of place where everyone learns everyone else's business sooner or later. I've come out to several people since I've been home so I'm surprised there aren't rumors spreading about you already, given fem joy the time we've spent together."

"How about this, femjoy hunter then? We take it nice and slow, spending time together, continuing to get to know each femjoy pussy another, sort of like we have been but maybe a little more fem joy romantic. If things still femjoy picture of the day look good to both of us after a while I'll have a talk with my parents. After that, I don't care who knows what. Then we'll see where it takes us."

"Let's see... slow, friendly, a little romantic. Where does sex figure into that?"

"I think maybe we should go slow with that, too. I mean, I'm attracted to you femjoy susann and want ashley femjoy to have sex, but we both have plenty of experience with meaningless man-to-man sex. And if we're going to try to have a relationship the sex should be meaningful. So maybe femjoy pics we should wait until we know what we're doing. Does that femjoy angels make sense to you?"

"Unfortunately, it does. I was looking forward to fulfilling some youthful fantasies with you now that I know you reciprocate my lustful feelings, but I guess I can wait. You have to promise ashley femjoy me one thing, though."

"What's that?"

"If vimeo femjoy it turns out this relationship femjoy videos thing doesn't work out, let's have some really hot, meaningless sex before we end it completely."

"Sounds good to me."

I found a place to park the truck about two blocks femjoy lia from the apartment. Once we had everything packed and ready to go femjoy nudes I was going to move the truck to an illegal spot by the fire hydrant in front of the building. We each pushed a rented hand truck loaded with bundles of flattened cardboard boxes to the apartment. It only took a minute to give Declan a tour femjoy nudes of the small apartment.

I was trying to decide where to start with the packing when Declan surprised me. He grabbed me, pulled me up against him and kissed me. Unlike the kiss in the barn, this one was much deeper and more passionate. His tongue gently pried my lips femjoy carisha apart, meeting no resistance on my part, and then wrestled with mine. As I became aroused I ground my hips into his. After a femjoyhunter minute he pulled back.

"What happened to going slowly? If this is what you want maybe we should move into the bedroom."

I pointed to the open door, femjoy porno through which the bed was visible. femandjoy Declan immediately seemed uncomfortable.

"Sorry, I didn't mean femjoy lesbians to lead you on or send mixed signals, although I guess that's exactly what I'm doing. It's just that our first kiss was pretty chaste and I couldn't resist your lips. I meant what I said about holding off on femjoy videos sex for now, but kissing, cuddling, even making out, are okay. If that's okay with you, I mean."

"It's more than okay with me, but if we do femjoy sex much of that I have a feeling sex won't be far behind."

"Well, if it happens, it happens. I just femjoy angels don't want to force things."

While Declan started assembling the femjoy carisha cardboard cartons I took one final look around, deciding what to pack femjoy lia and take with us that day femjoy videos but also femandjoy taking a few last mental alisa i femjoy snapshots of the place that had been my home for femjoy so long.

By quarter to one the apartment was pretty well stripped of all personal belongings and furnishings and the living room was femjoy galleries nearly full of femjoy packed boxes. Our femjoy susann only femjoyhunter conversation all morning had been brief exchanges of words about the job at hand. It had been a lot of work, more than I'd emoi expected, but we managed to get it done in the time femandjoy I'd allowed. After one last check of cabinets, closets and drawers Declan and I left femjoy pussy to meet Livy for brunch.

As we started down the street I had a sudden impulse to take Declan's hand. He jerked his hand away a second after I took hold of it. I stopped and looked at him.

"We're in a gay neighborhood. It's femjoy lia okay to hold hands. No one's going to even notice it here."

"I'm sorry. It was emjoi just an instinctive reaction. I may have some gay experience in bed and at clubs and resorts, but in public is new to me. You probably do this all the time so you'll just have to have patience with me."

"Actually, holding hands while walking down the street is femjoy galleries new to me, too. I can't remember ever doing it in the few short relationships I've had. But holding hands certainly falls into the category of 'going slow' and this may be the last time we're in a gay neighborhood where we can do it."

"Then vimeo femjoy as long as we're not gonna scare the horses ..." He took my hand and started walking again.

By the time we got to the restaurant he'd relaxed femjoyhunter to alisa i femjoy the point where we were walking with arms around each other's waists. In spite of the August heat femandjoy it felt good to be pressed up against him. As we approached the restaurant I saw Livy sitting at an outside table. Since we were only five minutes late I was surprised she was there already. When Livy saw us her mouth dropped femjoyhunter open in surprise.

"What the hell is going on here with you femjoy com two?" Livy alisa i femjoy asked as she stood to greet us.

"You think this is something, just watch."

I pulled Declan femjoy girls around to face me and kissed him for several seconds, no tongue action but lots of lip nibbling and sucking. I could feel him tense up when I started but he quickly relaxed and got into it, going as far as to press his body to mine.


Declan pulled back quickly at the sound of a different female voice and we saw our old classmate Sandy coming toward us from the door of the restaurant.

"What are you doing here, Sandy?" alisa i femjoy I asked.

"I'm just having brunch with my girlfriend. old femjoy But I think the more interesting question is what were femjoy porn you and Declan doing just now?"

I looked at Declan. He had the look of a deer caught in headlights but when our eyes met he relaxed and smiled shyly.

"I was just kissing my boyfriend." I was amazed but also pleased at how well Declan bounced back from the shock of being outed to someone from home.

"Boyfriend? femjoy susann Have femjoy susann you run through all of the straight women in the Northeast and are now starting on the gay men?"

"I hope my reputation isn't as mila azul femjoy reddit pics bad as all that. There are a few women in New Jersey and lots in New York I haven't slept with, and the ashley femjoy only man I'm interested in right now is Silas. In fact, he's the only person of either sex I'm interested in right now."

"It looks like we all have some catching up to do," Livy interjected. "Why don't you three sit and have a drink while we share what we've been up to lately."

Over mimosas and brunch we all caught up. It turned out Livy and Sandy had hit it off at the Fourth of July cookout. I'd been so femjoy porn femjoy porno preoccupied with Declan I hadn't noticed. fem joy Sandy had come into the city nearly every weekend since to see Livy. And Livy femjoy video had been out to visit Sandy in Newton a couple of times without mentioning it to me. Livy and Sandy did most of the talking through the meal. It took Declan and me much less time to catch them up on our hours-old relationship.

Toward the end of the meal I zoned out a bit, femjoy picture of the day wrapped up in the sights and sounds of the city around us. femjoy porno I'd become carisha femjoy so used to the quiet of the country that the city, as familiar as it was, was a bit overwhelming.

"Earth to Silas! Are you still with us?"

"Sorry, Livy. I guess I was femjoy galleries having a 'goodbye yellow brick road' moment. That's been happening femjoy carisha to me all morning. As Elton John sang, 'I'm going back to my plow'. Although I carisha femjoy could never imagine Sir Elton behind a plow."

"Three months ago I wouldn't have been able to picture you behind one either, Silas. I knew you were from New Jersey but I always assumed it was from the suburbs. You fit into the mila azul femjoy reddit pics city so well."

"I femjoy nude can probably fit in anywhere but I think it's past time for me to just be myself. I've spent a emjoi dozen years looking for whatever it is I really want in the city femjoy and haven't found it. And then that femjoy angels first day back on the farm, milking the cows, I felt more like me than I had in a long time. I think that's fem joy who I am, where I belong."

"Aren't you going to miss the city? Or me?"

"Of course I'm going to miss you, Livy. And there're a lot of things old femjoy I'll miss about the femjoy com city, too. Brunches femjoy lesbians like this, for example."

"But it's femjoy carisha femjoy lesbians not like we're in Siberia. We're only fifty miles away femjoy models and can come into the femjoy video city whenever Silas needs an urban fix."

I didn't think Declan even realized the implications of his use of the word old femjoy 'we' but it made me feel great.

"And now that you're spending so much time visiting Sandy you gals can drop by the farm now and then."

In spite of femjoy models what I'd just said about belonging on the emoi farm, the weather and company were so perfect femjoy pics I could have sat talking at that city sidewalk table all after noon. But I was in the city for femjoy porn a reason and there was work to be done, so after a while I reluctantly signaled the waiter for the check.

After moving the truck to the front femjoy girls of my building Sandy carisha femjoy and Livy stood guard, ready to move it if a cop came by and insisted, while Declan femjoy angels and I wheeled the packed boxes down on the hand trucks.

In less than an hour we'd emptied the apartment and filled the truck. As Declan wheeled his last load of boxes to the elevator I paused, looking around the depersonalized apartment, feeling a bit lost. I'd never considered myself to be sentimental about places. Memories were something else, but they were with you no matter where you went. free femjoy galleries And I didn't really have any special fem joy memories of the apartment. I'd never brought 'dates' there and the few relationships I'd had were so brief and shallow they hadn't made emoi for any Hallmark moments. But the place had been my home, my refuge, for so many years. I'd femjoy nude matured here as an adult, or at least I'd tried to. But I hadn't found what I was looking for while living here, though God knows I'd tried, so it was time to move on. Like the guy in Elton's song, I'd finally decided my future lay beyond the yellow brick road.


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